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Wan Hai Lines Ltd. ( Thailand Branch )
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Company Profile

21st Fl., Lumpini Tower, 1168/56 Rama 4 Rd., Thungmahamek, Bangkok 10210 Thailand

+66 2 679-7400, 679-7410 (Auto)

+66 2 285-6340 (Auto)

wanhai@thailand.com, pitak@wanhai.com.tw

Contact Person:
Mr. Sumate Lopinich
Ms. Yupapan Pimpark
Ms. Sukserm Thongsri

Wan Hai Lines was founded in 1965. At the beginning, Wan Hai's business dealt primarily with log transportation from Taiwan, Japan and Southeast Asia. In 1976, in order to respond to the rapid development of international trade in the Asia Pacific area and the trend of international transportation containerization, Wan Hai has successfully transformed and entered the business of full-container vessel shipping.

Wan Hai has more than 30 years of experience in shipping, comprehensive hardware and software equipment, and professional service. This has made Wan Hai the carrier with the most experience in the region, and the most complete service network in Asia.

Wan Hai's shipping routes include Taiwan, the Kanton and Kansai areas of Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East.  Wan Hai provides full-container vessel shipping with regular routes among these areas.  With this complete network service, Wan Hai has subsidiaries and agents all over Asia's major cities and ports. IN 1999, Wan Hai Line had 52 fully-container vessels in operation, with a capacity of over 45,798 TEU and a total capacity of all container vessels exceeding 147,000 TEU.  In addition to exclusive rights to terminal in West 17 of Keelung, Wan Hai also leased No.31, No.63, No.64 in Taichung and Kaohsiung, which makes Wan Hai the only carrier in Taiwan with exclusive terminals in the northern, middle and southern parts of the island. So far, 15 routes of our 20 routes in operation provide direct calling to 43 major international commercial ports in Asia, which is the most comprehensive and intensive service network available in the region.

In 1999 Wan Hai Lines operated with a capacity of 1680327 TEU, which earned it a rank as one of the top 15 carriers.  Wan Hai constantly explores new routes and calling ports, builds vessels, and replace old containers and terminal equipment in order to maintain operational performance and to reinforce our competitive advantages in the market. Also, Wan Hai has made strategic alliance with renowned carriers to distribute operational risks, reduce operational costs and reinforce service network.

In the advent of the 21st century, Wan Hai Lines is working on corporate reengineering on a full scale and reinforcing its training and development of talents. We also continue to facilitate organizational restructuring, workflow streamlining, cost reduction and the development and integration of strategic information systems. These will allow for healthy organizational development and quick response to market changes; in the meantime, we also continue to strengthen operational capability and foster continuous growth.

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